The 5 Must-Have Shoes Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

It’s often said that the right pair of shoes can totally make an outfit, but with a million styles to choose from out there, where does one begin? Whether you don’t know where to start, or you’re looking to trim down an overwhelming closet full of footwear choices, the best thing to do is to keep it simple with limited varieties in a few, staple styles that every woman should own.

Check out the 5 must-have shoes for women that can easily be mixed and matched with any wardrobe.

Stand your ground in a sturdy boot

When you need a no-nonsense shoe to support both your style choices and your body, look no further than a basic, black boot to get you around town. To get the most wear out of your tried-and-true boot of choice, take care to consider your overall look and style to find the right one to compliment your existing garments. An ankle bootie, a lace-up combat cut, a slide-on biker or chelsea boot, or a knee-high design can all make the perfect accessory for the right wardrobe.

Stay cool and comfortable in a classic flat

Sometimes our shoes can make for a big statement piece; other times, they need to take the backseat and let our clothes do the talking. For an understated option to support without overwhelming an outfit, look to a clean, classic flat for a comfortable shoe that’s both fun and flirty. The best part? Because the cut of a flat is so streamlined and simple, you can find a little room to play around with bolder colors here — bright blue, candy apple red, and metallics are among our faves!

Keep it simple with a stylish sneaker

For those outfits and days when you just need to keep it practical and dress things down a bit, cute sneakers can keep life easy without compromising your specific style. Low-top canvas or mesh varieties in staple shades such as black, white, or tan can easily pair up with just about any outfit, be it a dress, summer shorts, a mini or maxi skirt, or just your basic T-shirt and jeans combo.

Complete you summer look with strappy sandals

Those sunny months are often rich with opportunities to step outside and show off your style, and keeping a stylish sandal on hand can get you out the door and off to your destination in no time! A flat sole with supportive straps leaves plenty of room to experiment with different design aesthetics, from metallic hardware to woven or beaded embellishments, braided leather and beyond. Looking for a no-fail complimentary sandal shade? Earth tones in tan, terra cotta, and brown often tend to pair well with most warm-weather looks.

Aim high with a flirty heel

When it comes to upgrading an outfit, no shoe does it better than a pair of affordable heels that fit like a glove. For the most versatility, look to black or nude shades that can easily be matched with any outfit. Be it a peep-toe pump or a walkable wedge, finding a heel that you feel confident and comfortable walking in is just as important as locking down the look, so spend some time searching for one that’s best suited for you, your lifestyle, and your wardrobe to make the most out of this special shoe choice. 

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