How To Pack for Spring Break in a Carry-On

Whether you need a quick retreat from school, work, or just the hustle and bustle of life, a Spring Break getaway can be just the trick for getting through the next few weeks of winter. Because these breaks are typically short, you don’t want to be wasting precious time waiting on checked luggage once you’ve reached your destination, and guess what? You don’t have to! Finding ways to pack what you need in a carry-on bag or suitcase can be easily done with a little creative planning. Check out this go-to guide to help pack for Spring Break without checking a bag, or compromising a smidgen of style.

Step One: Keep Covered in a Cardigan

Even if you’re traveling to a warm destination, you won’t want to be without an outer layer in case the nights get a little chilly, or the sun gets a little too hot. A cardigan in a thin, soft material like cotton will make a great way to cover up when you feel like showing a little less skin. A cardigan in simple, solid color will pair well with pretty much anything, from jeans to shorts, to dresses and even beachwear, and offers a bit more class than that comfy hoodie, without the stuffiness of a basic blazer.

Step Two: Keep Your Silhouette Sharp with a Loose but Fitted Top

When it comes to pairing  tops and bottoms, it’s all about proportion, and since you’ll probably pack a few more shirts than pants and skirts, you’ll want to make sure your fit is working for you. Whether you prefer tanks or T-shirts, the best bet for keeping things easy on the go is a cut that’s a little tighter around the shoulders and roomier around the chest and midsection. Tops in this style look great when worn loose with shorts and skirts, and make for a crisp, casual look when tucked into long pants for an evening out.

Step Three: Go From Day to Evening With a Wide-Leg Trouser

Taking a drastic departure from the skinny jeans that ruled just about everyone’s closets for the last few years,  pants are playing it wide and loose in recent seasons, which works well on vacation! Loose-fitting, wide-legged trousers make for a great way to unwind in comfort while still keeping things stylish. If you’re looking to take your look from daytime to an evening out on the town, stick with classic, solid colors like black, white, and navy. Depending on the fabric and fit you choose, you could have the look of both pants and a skirt in one simple, easy-to-pack piece.

Step Four: Keep Footwear Versatile in Easy Espadrilles

Just because you’re heading away on beach vacation doesn’t mean you must rely on flip-flops to get around in. Footwear is giving a nod to the ‘90s with chunky, sturdier features, and sandals are no different.  Espadrilles offer an option as easy to walk in as they are versatile, and the wedged heel makes for a simple way to upgrade any look in an instant. If you’re sticking to classic or muted colors on your body, have a little fun on your feet, with shades that make a statement, like terra cotta, gold, or even prints!

Step Five: Add Fashion to Function with Accessories

When you stick to the basics from head to toe, you leave a lot of room to have fun with  accessories! Sunglasses on any getaway are must, so find some frames that feel great with your face shape, and top it all off with a hat. A sleek sunhat will look chic on the beach, and a woven Panama variety can give any outfit an extra bit of style.

XO- Lucy Ave. 

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