Transitional Style Guide For Summer To Fall

With fall right around the corner, we're feeling all the fall vibes. Aren't you? Bring on the campfires, leaves, hot cocoa and pumpkin spice, obviously!  The only problem is, it's still so hot outside. I mean, our hearts are screaming for chunky knit sweaters but our heads are calling for shorts and tanks. If only there was an in between. Oh wait, there totally is! Here are some transitional pieces and tips that will keep your heart and head happy as we move from summer to fall. 


 1. Look for fall elements in your graphic tees. 

When going for your graphic tees, bring in fall elements like these darling embroidered leaves on our Exclusive! Julia Embroidered Leaf Circle Tee.

2. Style summer hats with fall tones and patterns.

Choose a cute straw hat like this Sunflower Fields Straw Hat and pair it with pieces including fall tones and prints like our Excluisve! Julianna Leopard Smocked Dress in Taupe. We also love and recommend choosing mid length dresses for transitional pieces! Look for lightweight fabric so you don't get too hot! 

3. Choose lightweight long sleeve pieces. Boho always wins!

Boho styles are always a perfect transitional pieces for Summer to Fall. Many are long sleeved and lightweight which definitely works! We also recommend choosing neutral or warm tones like these in our Exclusive! Jacqueline Floral Top With Tassels.

4. Pair light wash denim with thin sweaters. 

Because it's still warm outside, pulling off a sweater can be though! However, for a cooler summer night we recommend a lightweight sweater like our Exclusive! Taysia Colorblock Sweater in Taupe paired with light wash denim like our Devin Mid Rise Skinnies. You'll look comfy, and so cute!

5. Look for bold tees in fall tones. 

Most often, we think of fall tones as neutrals, tans and browns. But you can always choose a short sleeve tee in a bold fall color like mustard, burgundy, or teal. We love our Exclusive! Madeline Striped Tee in Teal.

 6. Boho mini dresses with long sleeves, yes please! 

Again, we're touching on the boho vibes with our Exclusive! Maya Long Sleeve Boho Mini Dress in Clay. It is so beautiful and whimsical, but will keep you cool enough for a Summer day. The low V neck is playful and great for Summer, and paired with the clay color keeps you looking great for  Fall. You'll be winning in this piece. 

7. Joggers work year round! 

Joggers are pretty much the best creation out there. They really work all year round. For summer pair them with a cute tee. For fall pair them with a pretty knitted top. We love our Dani Joggers in Sage.

8. An off the shoulder maxi dress is a perfect option!

A maxi dress is generally a great summer choice as well as fall, but can get slightly too hot, especially if long sleeved. Try an offer the shoulder option with 3/4 sleeves. Again, stick with lightweight! Our current favorite is our Sabrina Smock Detail Dress in Burgundy.


As you choose your looks this transitional period we hope these tips and pieces will help you achieve exactly what you are going for while staying comfortable and fabulous! Be sure to check in with us next Tuesday for 3 Ways to Style Your Graphic Tees. 


The Lucy Avenue Team

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